I’m looking for writers to contribute to the Asimio Tech© blog.

The Asimio Tech© blog is a hands-on blog publishing how-to, step-by-step, and tutorials about:

  • Java
  • Spring (Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, …)
  • Microservices
  • RESTful APIs
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Cloud Computing
  • Unit, Integration, Component, Load testing (JUnit, Mockito, PowerMockito, TestContainers, JMeter, …)
  • DevOps, Automation, Build Tools (Maven, Gradle, CI/CD, Static Code Analysis, …)

1. Why are you looking for writers

I have a backlog of topics that grows faster than I can cover them.

I also completed the accompanying source code for some blog posts, but I don’t have enough time to draft and publish them in a consistent basis.

2. Why should I write for Asimio Tech©

Blogging for Asimio Tech© could help you to:

  • Network with other Java, Spring developers.
  • Build a reputation and create new business or employment opportunities.
  • Drive traffic to your own blog if you just started one through links in the author’s bio.
  • Honing your writing skills.
  • Better understand a solution to a problem you might have faced at your workplace.

You’ll also get paid for the effort.

3. What should I bring?

I’m looking for Software Engineers with some experience with Java and Spring.

You don’t have to write a perfect essay and English doesn’t need to be your primary language, but good enough so that I don’t have to re-work your blog post.

4. How will I be paid

The budget is between $50 USD and $100 USD each blog post. The price will depend on the relevance, lenght, and the amount of editions needed to get to the quality standard I expect.

Blog posts should be 800+ words (with few exceptions). See guidelines.

I reserve the right to edit, refuse to publish (and not to pay) or remove any content from the Asimio Tech© blog if I believe part or all the content meets any of:

  • need of too much work to get to the quality standard I expect.
  • off topic.
  • innacurate.
  • false or misleading.
  • violates another person’s or entity’s intellectual property rights or content copyright.

In this case, the content is yours to do with whatever you want.

Payments are processed via PayPal.

5. Attribution

You’ll get full credit for the blog post. You’ll get your name in the byline at the beginning of the post, and a short bio with social media links at the end.

Once a post is published on this blog, Asimio Tech LLC (and its assignees) own its copyright. Authors cannot repurpose, repost or syndicate the content to other websites or to any form of offline publishing.

If Asimio Tech LLC have entered into a signed agreement with you specifying the nature of the ownership of copyright of your submissions, then the issues related to ownership of copyright of your submissions are specified in that agreement and that agreement shall prevail on those issues.

In the absence of such agreement, you agree that you are granting Asimio Tech LLC (and its assignees) the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, create derivative works from, transfer, and sell your submissions, and/or to incorporate your submissions in other works in any form, media, or technology whether now known or later developed.

7. Guidelines

The content must be original, relevant to my audience, 800+ words (with few exceptions) without including code snippets.

Blog posts should include:

You’ll write in Markdown. But don’t sweat it. If it’s too much of a hassle, just handle me a text file. I’ll format it and add links to existing and relevant posts.

I’ll review all contributed drafts and provide feedback (if necessary) before publishing the final version.

  • Download this markdown template to draft a new Asimio Tech© blog post.
  • Formatting
  • Code

8. I’m interested, what’s next?

Just send me an email with a brief background about yourself, your Linkedin profile, and some links to anything you have written.

Last updated on 2023-09-08